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buy vitamin C kojic acid 15g cream

Vitamin C | Kojic Acid 15g Cream

L-Ascorbic Acid

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Vitamin C and Kojic acid is point toward to supervise dermatological issues of skin darkening. It is a widely acknowledged treatment for skin lightening. This natural medication is successful to aids you out from the phase of skin darkening and age spots developed due to any motivation. Kojic Acidly is essential for even toning of the skin, age spots, marks of the pregnancy and other ordinary skin discoloration issues linked to face and body. Kojic acid is a skin-whitening agent that aids in retreating sun freckles, pigmentation, and melisma. On the other hand, Vitamin C works as an anti-oxidant to lighten up the touch of skin so that it seems younger and healthier.

Mechanism of Vitamin C and Kojic acid cream-

Kojic acid works on the melanocytes in the skin cells and hinders in the synthesis of melanin. The exact way that it lessens the fabrication of melanin is still a point of conversation among researchers, but many experts have supported the theory of prevention of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is believed to be the initial source of in manufacturing the pigment.

Dosage application of Vitamin C and Kojic acid cream-

Vitamin C and Kojic acid cream of 15gm is accessible as of topical preparation. The user has to apply the medication as per prescribed by the dermatologist to avoid the unnecessary inflammation of the skin. You have to apply the medication externally once in a day usually at bedtime. Before applying the cream remove the makeup and wash up the face properly. Now let them face dry properly. After that take a cream on the fingertips and apply in the form of thin layer over the affected skin gently. After applying the cream, wash out your hands with soap. Continue with the treatment as prescribed by the doctor and in case of any itching and inflammation consult to the doctor.

What are the contradictory factors with Kojic acid?

Some contraindications with Kojic acid are:

  • Avoid using Kojic acid and vitamin C when you are pregnant.
  • Do not use in nursing mothers without doctor permission.
  • Do not utilize the cream in children without doctor opinion.
  • Do not use if you are responsive to Kojic acid or Vitamin C.
What are the safety precautions to follow with Kojic acid?
  • Use protective clothing before going in the sunshine.
  • You must drink plenty of fluids.
  • Before using any other medication, discuss with your doctor.
  • Prevent the drug contact with eyes and mouth.

What are the side effects of Kojic acid?

Although Kojic acid and Vitamin C cream are well tolerated by all kind of skin. Yet, some harmful effects that can happen in people include of redness of the skin, nausea, vomiting , flushing of the skin, and stomach upset, lower back pain, and skin irritation.

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