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Vilitra 60MG

Vilitra 60mg | Vardenafil Tablets

Generic Vardenafil

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What is Vilitra 60mg?

If you are facing sorrow and staying away from your co-partner due to lack of sexual desire, then Vilitra 60mg is a best and successful remedy to overcome this problem. It has significant role to boost your sexual power due to the presence of active ingredient Vardenafil that comes in the class of PDE 5 inhibitor drugs.

What is the mechanism of action of Vilitra 60mg?

Generic version of Vilitra drug exert its action via inhibition of  an isoenzyme that is accountable for  low sexual desire  in men i.e. PDE 5, that causes less blood supply to male sex organ results in lack of erection.

How to take this drug?

The drug is normally taken before 30 minutes of proceeding sexual intercourse. Take it through mouth with a glass of water with or without food but keep away from fat or heavy diet. Do not take more than one dose of this medication in 24 hours.

Large amount of this drug should be avoided.

What is the storage condition?

Store the drug at room temperature and protect this from intense heat, moisture and light.

What are the drugs that may interact with Vardenafil?

Some drugs which possibly cause hypotension or other blood defects, when taken along with it, it should be avoided. These drugs include Nitrates and its derivatives. Stay away the use of certain antibiotics, antifungal and other cardiovascular drugs.

Who should not intake this medication?

In some medical condition it is instructed that person should not take Vilitra for example if he is allergic to it or any ingredient present in it. Person having history of cardiovascular disorder may prone to life threatening effect of this drug.

What are the possible side effects of this drug?

Vardenafil present in it  may cause some minor side effects which is generally due to its vasodilating action on the blood but is well tolerable by the patient; these side effects are, flushing, headache fall in BP, Other side effects are blurred vision and painful urination.

What chief information needs to be kept in mind while pleasing this medication?

Some safety tips should be considered with the pace of use of Vilitra, like do not intake grapefruits and its sap. Abstain from the use of alcoholic drinks and smoking. Do not give out this drug to children and women. Avoid driving or any mental work that needs higher mental concentration.

Customer Reviews

So Impressed Review by Jacob
I tried Vilitra with a lot of doubt. I am so impressed, its like being 16 years old again. Thank you BestGenericMart (Posted on 11/3/17)
I'm very happy with the product Review by Ethan
Vilitra works great. this is magic...Now I'm happy & more confident man now..Tnku bestgenericmart (Posted on 10/7/17)

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