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Filitra 40mg

Filitra 40mg | Vardenafil Tablets

Generic Vardenafil

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What is the use of Filitra 40mg?

Filitra 40mg is a lucrative and competent brand drug that contains active therapeutic ingredient Vardenafil. The drug has effective role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (a medical disorder, involves incapacity of male genitalia to perform sexual activity). It has charismatic role to mange this problem with a safe margin.

It is round the clock medication mostly prescribed all over the world to enhance the lost sensual power of men and induce him to participate in love making.

What is the mechanism of action?

Filitra 40mg mg basically provides rigidity and elongation to the male sex organ by facilitating the blood supply, in the region of male sex organ. Pharmacological action of Filitra 40mg lead to the inhibition of isoenzyme known as PDE 5 that is responsible for the destruction cGMP related blood flow. The inhibition of this enzyme result in release of Nitrogen oxide from the endothelium that make male sex organ erect, rigid and elongated  thereby person regain their power of sexual desire.

What are the dose and method of administration of Filitra 40mg?

The drug should be taken orally prior to half an hour sexual activity. Use a glass of water to swallow the drug.. You can take this medicine with regard to meal and. Dose of this drug can be increased or decreased depending upon the severity and the other medical condition of the patient.

Who should not take this drug?

It is not meant to be used by the children and women and patient suffering from some cardiovascular disorder like, hypotension, cardiac arrest, and stroke. Person who is allergic to any of the ingredient present in it or having previous history of liver and kidney dysfunction should avoid this medication.

What drug should not be taken along with Filitra 40mg?

Few drugs when taken into combination with Filitra 40mg may cause drug-drug interaction and turn out to unpleasant and undesired effects on the body, hence patient should stay away from the medication like medicine that possess any Nitrate or any of its derivatives, , antifungal, some antibiotics and cardiovascular drugs.

What should be the storage conditions?

Filitra should be stored at room temperature away from heat and moisture. Keep the drug away from children and pets.

What are the possible side effects of Filitra 40mg?

Filitra 40mg may cause some side effects in few people that is probably due its hypertensive action on the vascular compartment of blood, and that includes nasal decongestion, flushing, headache, fall in BP, loose motion. Loss or impairment of vision has been seen in some individual who is taking this medication.

What are the safety tips of this drug?

To get the most beneficial benefit of it avoid the side effects some key points need to kept in mind while using this medication such as do away with the use of alcohol and any CNS depressant medication. Do not take grapes or its juice. Women and children should stay away from this medication. If you are undergoing treatment with any type of blood disorder then avoid this medication as any Nitrates containing medicine of blood disorder may increase the cardiovascular risk. Avoid driving and handling of machinery equipments.

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