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Testorapid | Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml

Generic Testosterone Propionate

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Testorapid a synthetic form of male androgen hormone that is served with generic Testosterone propionate 100mg, which is indicated in various medical interventions like:

  • Normal function of male genital and growth features, increasing bone density and muscle growth.
  • Male suffering from hypogonadism, malfunctioning of testicals, or delayed puberty
  • Treat breast cancer in women.
  • Helps in maintenance therapy during sex change from female to male.

How the drug helps you out?

The drug is used as (THRT) Testosterone hormone replacement therapy, it acts similar as testosterone it increase the nitrogen storage in the muscle and nitrogen helps to store more protein and this increase protein carrying capacity so more size gain, thus stamina and performance.

Who should not use the injection?

If you are allergic to the drug or content of the injection in that circumstance one should not use the injection.

What are the possible interactions of the Testorapid injection?

One should not use the Warfarin and herbal drugs while using the medication.

How to keep the injection Testorapid safe?

Keep the injection in cool and shady place, do not freeze the injection.

How to use the injection?

The injection is served in parental dose served in Testosterone propionate 100mg/ml. this has to be injected directly in the muscles.

What are the possible after effects seen after using the injection?

One may experience nausea, head ache, acne and oily skin and in certain case one may lose hairs also. 

What are the warning indications for the Testorapid injection?

  • If patient is allergic to sesame oil or drug you should not use the drug.
  • If you have prostate, blood clot disorder then you should not use the injection.
  • Patient with high blood sugar level should keep checking the blood sugar level.
  • The drug affects the cholesterol level, and provokes blood vessel disorder.
  • The drug used in children may increase bone growth but tendency of short height is increased.

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