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Tazret Gel .05% 15gm

Buy Tazret Gel .05% 15gm

Generic Tazarotene 0.05% - Tazret Gel .05%

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Tazret gel is very effectual medication for the management of acne, plaque psoriasis and sun damaged skin. This is a worthy approach, which surrounds of Tazarotene, synthetic derivative as working element.

How does Tazret gel .05% 15gm work?

Tazarotene belongs to the category of medicines called topical retinoid, a prescription similar to vitamin A. it shows its therapeutic effect by dropping the creation of skin cells causing scaly and inflamed areas as well as exfoliating the skin to get better the emergence and consistency of the skin.

What is the method of application of Tazret gel .05% 15gm?

Tazret gel .05% 15gm is a topical preparation of Tazarotene (0.05% w/w) available into gel form. First, clean your skin with a mild cleanser and fully drying the affected area. Get a small quantity of gel and apply a thin film over the affected part of the skin, where acne lesions emerge. Tazret gel should be applied once a day in the evening before going to bed.

What are the incompatible factors of Tazret gel .05% 15gm?

  • Elude the use of Tazret gel .05% 15gm, if you are allergic to Tazarotene ingredient of Tazret gel.
  • Do not apply Tazret gel, if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
  • Use of Tazret gel is contrary to the medical condition of the liver, kidney or blood disorder.

What are the preventive measures that need to be taken?

  • Never try to apply Tazret gel .05% 15gm on the sunburn, windburn, and chapped irritated or dry skin.
  • Tazret gel should be applied on to the external skin, so avoid it from getting into the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • You must try to apply sunscreen or protective clothing after the use of Tazret gel while going out in the sun.
  • Do not apply this medicine moist, hair-covered areas such as armpits, groin and never cover the treated areas with dressings or bandages.

What are the annoying side effects that occur with use of Tazret gel .05% 15gm?

The patient may face some annoying side effect while using Tazret gel such as rashes, dry skin, skin discoloration, sense of warmth, or increased photosensitivity, skin redness, peeling, and itching.

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