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Vegalis 10mg Tablets | Generic Tadalafil

Tadalafil Tablets

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From which active element Vegalis 10mg is obtained:

The active ingredient of Vegalis is Tadalafil that is the classified drug of PDE5 inhibitor.

Take a brief outlook on the Vegalis 10mg medication-

Females too face problems of poor sensual appetite as males do. Due to less sensual activeness, she may not feel the intense pleasure during their intimacy session. This can create problems between the partners and makes them less connected. Poor sensual pleasure can ruin your relationships. Females should start using Vegalis medicine to make her sensual activities more pleasurable and intense. This medicine gives sensual stimulation in the females because it enhances the blood circulation towards the genitals. She could enjoy physically with her partner unconditionally.

The mechanism by which Vegalis 10mg gives its action on sensual ability:

Tadalafil comes under PDE5 inhibitor classification. The phosphodiesterase enzyme leads to depletion of cGMP component. Less amount of cGMP can result in poor libido. She may not sometimes do not even feel the pleasure during her intimacy session. After taking a pill containing Tadalafil, this will block the activity of PDE5 and hence the cGMP number will be increased. The increased cGMP compounds will help in vasodilating the blood vessels leading to increased blood circulation. Thus, a feeling of sensitivity occurs near the genitals of females and the libido is enhanced in them.

Refer to the Dosing regimen for Vegalis 10mg and Direction to Use

The strength of Vegalis available on our drug store is 10 mg.

The woman who wants to erase her sensual libido problem with the help of Vegalis medicine should consume a single 10 mg tablet with colossal of water. She should consume the tablet 15-30 minutes before her physical intimacy act. The onset of action is about 15 minutes and the activity can be lengthened for about 36 hours.

Opposing factors one has to keep in mind are as following:

  • DO NEVER ingest Vegalis, if any allergic reaction to this medicine.
  • DO NEVER ingest Vegalis, if consuming nitrates drug for heart problems.
  • DO NEVER ingest Vegalis, if she is still in the age group of 18 years.
  • DO NEVER ingest Vegalis, if she is during her pregnancy period or lactation period.

Some safety advice you must keep following in order to gain the positive effects

  • A female who is taking Vegalis should strictly keep a distance from the unwanted drinks like alcohol and grapefruit juices as those drinks will be harmful to your health.
  • A female should take only one medicine at a single time to increase her libido feeling.
  • Only consume the prescribed amount of medicine.

What could be the drug interaction with the medicine?

  • Antihypertensive medication
  • Anti-seizure drugs,
  • Some antibiotics
  • Anti-fungal,
  • Antiviral medications, and
  • Medicine for the prostate disorder

What could be the possible side effects of Vegalis 10 mg?

Stuffy nose, flushing, warmth, tingly sensations, back pain, pain in arms or legs, headache, and stomach upset could be some annoying side effects of Vegalis medicine

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