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Super Avana | Super Avagra

Super Avana | Super Avagra

Avanafil 60mg with Dapoxetine 100mg

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Super Avana escalates the flow of blood towards the particular male penile region and further helps in attaining the erection that is firm and long lasting. Thus, enables you to enjoy a pleasurable feel from the sensual drive.

How does Super Avana 60mg act?

Super Avana 60mg is an amazingly potent medicine which a combination of two active pharmaceutical ingredients Avanafil and Dapoxetine. This is an immensely effective approach to shield the man from the sexual failure also known as premature ejaculation. Avanafil is specific to safeguard the man from the dysfunction of erectile whereas Dapoxetine hinders the impulsive ejaculation and blesses a man with an ability to arouse an appreciable erection, which he can hold to duration lengthier than usual.

Super Avana 60mg put its impact by inhibiting the action of cGMP specific Isoenzyme Phosphodiesterase 5, whose function is to break down the cGMP. Thus, the concentration of the same builds up in the body in absence of enzyme activity that further acts on the body tissues to relax them and blood vessels to dilate them. Hence, a higher amount of blood rushes towards the organ to make it erect for the drive to continue.

Super Avana 60mg also functions by constraining the serotonin transporter and regulate the central nervous system activity to prevent premature ejaculations.

What is the dose of Super Avana 60mg?

The patient striving hard with the erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can either intake the 100 or 200mg of Super Avana, as per the strength and manner prescribed by the physician. Take medicine at least 30 minutes in lieu of enjoying the act of intimacy and do not repeat the tablets within the duration of 24 hours.

What are the side effects of Super Avana 60mg?

A man can experience some side effects like facial flushing, headache, back pain, pink eyes, and stuffy nose.

What are the Precautions with Super Avana 60mg?

The patient is advised to not to continue the alcohol intake and excessive smoke when you are taking Super Avana 60mg. Avoid the simultaneous intake of medicines containing nitrates like Isosorbide or Nitroglycerin. Drinking grapefruit juice with medicine might delay the effect of medicine. Put yourself on a low-calorie diet when you have planned to attain sexual pleasure after some time for the access to faster effect.

What are the Contraindications with Super Avana 60mg?

Do not intake Super Avana 60mg for times more than prescribed by the physician else have to go through the phase of Priapism also known as painful longer erection. Do not intake medicine if you are suffering from the disorders of the vital organs like heart, kidney and liver. 

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