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Rexobol 10mg Tablets | Generic Stanozolol

Stanozolol Tablets

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Rexobol is the brand name of the oral outline of stanozolol anabolic steroid with elevated anabolic and short androgenic movement. It is well-known anabolic steroid utilized by both men and women for reducing weight and muscle growth. It by dipping the weight and muscle growth enhances the athlete performance. It becomes the preferred steroid among athlete when water maintenance and burning fats become the major factor. It makes accessible quality muscle mass and improves strength.

Rexobol is also much well-liked among athletes, who appear for amalgamation strength/speed, sports like as Track and Field. In such regulation usually, they do not need for excess water and weight so that using stanozolol may find the perfect preparation. Lean muscle mass without water retention, increase the strength without dramatically increasing weight. In medical principle, it is used to manage hereditary angioedema.

Action method of Rexebol 10mg-

Rexebol consists of Stanozolol as the main performance component. Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) which was resulting from dihydrotestosterone. It executes the following practical traits that help in muscle building.

  • lessening of SHBG: Stanozolol has the potential to significantly reduced Sexual-Hormone-Binding-Globulin (SHGB).it is a significant factor to distinguish how much testosterone level is free in the body.
  • Protein synthesis: Stanozolol improves the protein synthesis i.e. it may augment the building obstructs of muscle growth.
  • Nitrogen retention: it causes augmented nitrogen retention contented in the body, which further escorts to muscle building.

Dosage regimen of Rexebol 10mg-

Rexebol is administered via both the route either orally or intramuscularly. However, the dose of 10mg oral tablets is most suggested dose of Rexebol. In medical circles, Stanozolol is normally permitted at a 2mg dose approximately three times per day for men. Women have classically permitted two doses of 2mg doses per day but may improve to 6mg if virilization symptoms are restricted.

While For the performance improving athlete dose of 25-50mg on every other day to everyday basis are the most normal among male athletes. Bodybuilders will classically manage 50mg once in a day. The dose of 5mg per day is recommended in women for athlete performance and muscle building.

Incompatible factors of Rexebol 10mg-
  • The intake of Rexebol is not permitted if the patient is sensitive to the active moiety Stanozolol or any other moiety.
  • Do not consume the medication if you have a medical situation of liver, kidney, heart, blood, diabetes, and blood heaviness conflicts.
  • Do not utilize Rexebol if you are pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Safety measures of Rexebol 10mg-
  • Avoid the ingestion of alcohol while taking a dose of Rexebol as it may cause liver damage.
  • Never ever, share your medication with anyone without doctor consultation.
  • It may effects your blood sugar level thus go for regular blood checkup while injecting Rexebol.

Adverse effects of Rexebol 10mg-

The consumption of Rexebol may cause some unwanted side effects include off acne on back and shoulder area, low sexual drive, low testosterone level, cholesterol complication, sweating, and hair loss.

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