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STAD 5000 - Lidocaine Spray

STAD 5000 - Lidocaine Spray

Stad 5000 - Lidocaine

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Stad-5000 enhances the duration of sexual intercourse, and gives the best orgasm to the female partner. It gives full satisfaction to both partners. It is well known as an anesthetic and is a skin lubricant that is free from odor. It is colorless and non-toxic. It is for externally topically applied medication. It is used by those males who suffer from premature ejaculation. This spray makes your nights pleasurable. It shows its action by increases ejaculation time, and your duration of lovemaking increases. Males enjoy physical intercourse for a longer duration.

Benefits of Stad-5000:

With Stad-5000, you will have following improvements in sexual act:

  • You can gain high orgasms.
  • Stad 5000 helps you to enjoy during intercourse.
  • It increases pleasure.
  • Stad-5000 is effective, odorless, and gives long lasting erection.
  • It boosts up sex power, decreases sensitivity to delay climax.

Dosage information of Stad 5000-

Spray this five min prior to sexual intercourse. Usually, three or four sprays should be applied on male genital. The maximum dose is up to 10 sprays to get effective result.

Method of use of Stad 5000-

Before use, shake your bottle. Hold this bottle two to three inches away from your penile and spray on application area three or four times. Spray on the head of penile. Keep a gap of five to seven minutes before you go to have physical intercourse. You can also spray it on hand and then massage penile. With Stad 5000, you will have a healthy erection.

Some don't to follow with Stad 5000-

Stad-5000 is totally banned in following conditions:

  • Cardiac problem
  • Epilepsy
  • Painful erection
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • liver/kidney disorder

Safety precautions to follow with Stad 5000-

  • Do not use in patients who are suffering from hepatic, renal or heart problem.
  • Stad-5000 is not used in patients who are below 18 years.
  • Before you apply the spray, clean, wipe and dry your genital properly.
  • Never use in case you have allergies to this drug.

Some small consequences of using Stad 5000 -

  • Burning of skin, abnormal vision
  • Nervousness, skin irritation
  • Seizure, vomiting
  • Stomach upset, hearing trouble

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