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Provibol | Mesterolone Tablets 25 MG

Provibol | Mesterolone Tablets 25 MG

Provibol - Proviron - Mesterolone

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Provibol is used by the people of bodybuilders and also very beneficial for the treatment of hypogonadism in the male. Provibol belongs to the class of androgens. This androgen is dependable for male sex organs growth and helps in the development of other secondary sexual characteristics of male Provibol works by fastening softly to the sites of the estrogen receptor. Receptors and aromatase enzyme does not get activates after binding. Provibol moderately decreases the number of receptor sites temporarily available to bind estrogen, therefore diminishes the estrogenic activity.

Dosage of Provibol 25 mg

The dosage of Provigil 25 mg depends on upon the medical condition of the patients.

Take Provibol 3 times in a day. With a glass of water. The route of administration is oral.

Never take an overdose of this medication it may fatal for life. If you suspect an overdose immediately inform to your health provider.

Contraindication of Provibol 25 mg

This medicament is contraindicated in those patients who have the following medical conditions: if the

  • Patients those who are having Carcinoma of the prostate are suggested not to take the drug.
  • If you suffering from any tumor in the liver, breast cancer, and hypercalcaemia then keep away from this medicine.
  • This medication not meant for the female.
  • Limits the consumption of alcohol and smoking while on the treatment with Provibol 25 mg.
  • Patients who are having hypersensitivity to Mesterolone and other inactive components of the drug.
  • This medicine is also inadvisable in those patients who had the history of hypogonadism.

Side effects of Provibol 25mg

Individual after taking Provibol 25 mg may face certain side effects

A headache, Acne, Depression ,Weight gain, Retention of water, Impaired glucose tolerance, Premature epiphyseal closure, Increase libido, Frequent or constant erection, Anxiety, Priapism, Sleep apnea, Hypernatraemia, Excessive hormonal; effects in men, Baldness, Mood swings.


Never use this drug in a combination of other non-prescription and herbal medication.

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