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The marketed product Dilantin comes under the category of the group of medications known as anti-epileptics or also called anticonvulsant. Dilantin is formulated with the active ingredient Phenytoin that is used to manage and prevent various kinds of seizures, as well as had found its use in the prevention and treatment of seizures that unluckily happen during or following neurosurgery. Dilantin medicine actively works upon the brain to suppress the number and severity of seizures condition.

Mechanics of Dilantin 100 mg:

Phenytoin attacks onto the sodium channels that are present on the neuronal cellular membrane, restricting the occurrence of the seizure activity and thereafter suppress the proliferation of seizure activity. Simply by promoting the sodium efflux from neurons, Phenytoin gets to be predisposed to become stable the threshold against hyperactive excitability occurring because of excessive stimulation or alteration in the environment capable of lowering membrane sodium gradient. This rather includes the reduction of post-tetanic potentiating at crevices.

The dosing regimen for Dilantin 100 mg:

Dilantin 100 mg comes in the capsule dosage form on our website. The person in search of treatment for seizures should consume one 100 mg capsule for about three times a day to get effective results. The maintenance dose for the adults should not exceed the limit of 100 mg capsule for three to four times in a day. Do take the capsule as a whole without any breakage, orally with plenty of water.

Opposing factors with Dilantin 100 mg:
  • The person with a history of liver problems caused by Phenytoin should not make use of Dilantin medicine.
  • The person with a heart condition called 2nd or 3rd degree "AV block" should contradict the use of Dilantin medicine.
  • The person who in past had a history of slow heartbeats that had caused faintness should not make use of Dilantin medicine.
  • If the person is going through a condition for which he also takes Delavirdine, (Rescriptor) should not use Dilantin medicine.
  • The person allergic to any of the component of the medicine should not make use of Dilantin medicine.
Precautionary tips with Dilantin 100 mg:
  • Alcohol consumption can lead to enhance the adverse effects on the person and decrease the therapeutic effect.
  • The medicine is supposed to lead to dizzy and sleepiness, so avoid the involvement in any kind of alert requiring tasks after Dilantin intake.
  • Antacids slow down the absorption of the medicine, so avoid the use of antacids during the medication period with Dilantin.
  • The woman during her lactation period should not consume Dilantin medicine.
  • The pregnant woman should not make use of Dilantin medicine without consulting the doctor.

Side effects with Dilantin 100 mg:

Commonly occurring side effects with the use of Dilantin medicine are dizziness, drowsiness, abnormal eye movement, headache, blurred vision, rashes, confusion, nervousness, insomnia, loss of coordination. 

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