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Methandienone 10mg | MetaPrime

Methandienone 10mg | MetaPrime

Generic Methandienone

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Methandienone is a famous synthetic steroid anabolic, which is similar to testosterone in structure. This medication is considered as one the oldest anabolic steroids that are marketed. Methandienone is widely used for enhancing the muscle growth and you can get a body, which was always in your dream.

What is the active mechanism of Methandienone?

Methandienone is increase the androgenic activity, which rapidly leads to build up in protein mass and strength over a few months.

Why this drug is prescribed?

This drug is used for enhancing the muscle mass and for improving the body shape.

In which medical condition Methandienone should be avoided.

  • Avoid the use of this drug if you have liver and kidney diseases.
  • Individuals who have diabetes mellitus then avoid the use of this drug as it may increase the blood sugar level.
  • Avoid the use of this drug if you have a history of prostate cancer.

How you should store this drug?

Store this drug at the place where heat and direct sunlight cannot reach and keep it away from the reach of children.

How you should take this medication for getting better effects?

Methandienone 10 mg tablets should be taken through mouth along with sufficient amount of water. The dose (10 mg) of this drug should be taken once in a day for at least few months until the beneficial effects will not come.

What are possible adverse side effects can be produces after the consumption of Methandienone?

You may feel some side effect after taking this medication such as loss of libido, acne, oily skin, elevated blood pressure, hair growth in females and deepening of voice.

What types of precaution should be taken while using Methandienone?

  • Individuals who are under the age of 12 years should avoid the use of this drug.
  • Do not use this drug more than 4 to 6 weeks as you may feel severe side effects.
  • The maximum intake of this drug is 30mg to 60mg per day so avoid do not exceed the dose more than this. 

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