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Latanoprost Eye Drops

Buy Latanoprost Eye Drops 0.005% (2.5ml)

Generic Latanoprost Eye Drops 0.005% (2.5ml)

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Latanoprost Eye Drops is an ophthalmic solution and Latanoprost is the generic constituent that comes in the category of prostaglandin analogs. Thus, the main action of Latanoprost eye drops is the increment of aqueous fluid outflow from the eyes, so that the intraocular pressure can be reduced for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension conditions in eyes.

Use of Latanoprost Eye Drops

Latanoprost is an ophthalmic formulation meant to be instilled in eyes and is useful in the treatment, prevention, and the control of open-angle glaucoma and in elevated pressure in eyes. Latanoprost maintains the outflow of aqueous humor in the eye for sustaining the required pressure.

Dosing of Latanoprost Eye Drops

For the treatment of ocular hypertension or for open-angle glaucoma, the suggested dose of Latanoprost eye drops are the instillation of 1 drop at one time in a day especially during an evening.

Before instilling eye drop, you are needed to remove contact lenses and eye makeup. If you needed to wear again your contact lenses, then you can do the same after 15-20 minutes of eye drop instillation. Always try to avoid the contact of the bottle tip to any surface or it can lead to contamination of the solution.

Contraindications of Latanoprost Eye Drops

  • Latanoprost eye drops must not be used if you have allergic reactions to Latanoprost or any other ingredient of Latanoprost preparations.
  • Latanoprost eye drops are not for any other purpose, so do not use it for any other eye condition.
  • Pregnancy, lactation, asthma are conflicting states for the use of Latanoprost eye drops.

Drug interactions of Latanoprost Eye Drops

  • Bimatoprost
  • Infliximab

Side effects of Latanoprost Eye Drops

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Irritation in eyes
  • Swelling of eyelids
  • Itching
  • Redness of eyes
  • Swelling around eyes

Precautions from Latanoprost Eye Drops

  • Precaution should be given to patients who have intraocular inflammation.
  • Take safety measures while driving or performing any task that requires clear vision.
  • You should be cautious while using any other ophthalmic preparation with Latanoprost eye drops. Keep a gap of 10 minutes between their uses.
  • Be cautious for the continuous eye irritation or redness around the eyes.

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