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Clindac A 15gm

Buy Clindac A Gel 1% (15gm) Online

Generic Clindamycin Phosphate Gel - Clindac A Gel 1% (15gm)

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Clindac A gel generic Clindamycin is effective for fighting bacteria. Clindac A gel should be applied topically to restrict acne growth in adults and children. Clindac penetrates into back heads on the skin and kills bacteria that infect acne. It clears your skin and prohibits the further spread of infection.

Mode of action of Clindac A gel 1% 15gm-

Clindamycin inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by prohibiting ribosomal translocation. It functions by coupling up with 50 S rRNA present on the bacterial ribosomal unit. It declines free fatty acid concentration on skin and curbs propionibacterium acnes, which are present inside follicles and sebaceous glands.

Dosage information and method of use of Clindac A gel 1% 15gm-

In order to have clear and acne free skin, use a thin film of gel on affected area twice in a day once in morning and once in evening hours. Before use clean your face and dry it properly then rub gently on the affected area. Use Clindac A gel until your skin becomes acne free completely.

Contraindications with Clindac A gel 1% 15gm-

  • Clindac A gel should not be used when you have severe diarrhea.
  • In the case of ulcerative colitis and enteritis, do not apply Clindac A gel.
  • Never use in case of allergic reaction to this drug.
  • Do not apply in children of below 12 years of age without doctor advice.
  • While using Clindac A gel never breastfeed your child.

Warnings and precautions with Clindac A gel 1% 15gm-

  • Always wash your hands before and after each use.
  • Avoid getting it to nose, mouth, or an eye. If so then wash with water.
  • Do not apply on the sunburned skin as it may cause skin irritation. Before going out in sunshine use protective clothing and sunscreen.
  • Avoid use of Clindac A gel with skin care products that may cause a skin reaction.

Ill effects with Clindac A gel 1% 15gm-

You should be careful of many side effects such as

  • Burning, itching
  • Mild dryness, oily skin
  • Redness, severe stomach pain

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