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Buy Benzagel - Generic Benzoyl Peroxide

Generic Benzoyl Peroxide - Benzagel

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Benzagel is available in the form of gel preparation containing Benzoyl peroxide as the active moiety. Because of the antibacterial trait of the formulation, Benzagel is used to treat the skin condition of mild to severe acne, pimples, and comedones. Benzoyl peroxide has keratolytic actions and antimicrobial trait also.    

Mechanism of action of Benzagel-

Benzoyl peroxide present in Benzagel topical preparation is effective against acne caused due to bacteria. Thus, the major action of Benzagel is the reduction of a number of bacteria causing acne and causes the skin to dry and peel. In addition, with the decrease in oil formation on the skin, Benzagel is effective in treating acne that happens because of blocked skin pores.

Dosing regimen of Benzagel-

Being a topical gel formulation Benzagel is used on the external skin surface for the treatment of mild to severe acne conditions. Benzagel is applied for two times in a day, for instance, one time in the morning and one time in the evening. Do not forget to wash and dry your hands and skin before the use of Benzagel. Apply the gel with gentle spreading using your fingertips and wash your hands after using Benzagel. Use the gel for recommended duration depending on your skin condition.  

Side effects of Benzagel-

Dry skin, redness of skin, skin irritation, swelling of the face, peeling of skin, skin discoloration, and allergic dermatitis consequences are some temporary undesirable responses of Benzagel formulation.

Preventive measures while using Benzagel-

  • Benzagel is conflicting for children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers if used without any recommendation.
  • Benzagel should not be used on hypersensitive skin, eczematic skin, in dermatitis, red skin condition or on sun burnt skin.
  • Avoid the use of any other topical medication along with Benzagel unless you are advised to do so.
  • Avoid sun exposure for a longer time after applying Benzagel and protect your skin with an effective sunscreen and protective coverings.
  • Benzoyl peroxide can cause bleaching of skin or hair, so avoid the contact of Benzagel to lashes, eyebrows or any other hair or skin part. 

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