Nowadays the market is flooded with cosmetics that enhance the beauty of a woman from head to toe. However, the most crucial aspect of any makeup look still remains to be the eyes. Eyes are the center of attraction in any individual and eyelashes are what enhance this beauty by several manifolds. Unfortunately having short and sparse lashes can ruin the whole beauty of your face; a condition commonly known as hypotrichosis. There are a plethora of products to temporarily solve the troubles of short eyelashes such as mascaras, fake eyelashes, and eyelash extensions; however, these are only temporary solutions and come with their own side effects. Therefore to solve the problem of sparse eyelashes permanently, without digging a hole in your pocket is here. These are the Careprost eye drops that will give you the most amazing long and dense eyelashes.

Careprost eye drops are an exquisite solution that is helpful in relieving the troubles of hypotrichosis in adults. Hypotrichosis implies to the condition of short and sparse eyelashes. This medication is accomplished by elongating and making the eyelashes thicker and darker, which thereby enhances the visual appeal of your eyes. Careprost eye drops successfully pulls off the double duty by working in open-angle glaucoma as well to manage the increased intraocular pressure in eyes. Bimatoprost is the main functioning moiety of this medication. It works by a different mechanism in both hypotrichosis and open-angle glaucoma. In hypotrichosis it acts by interfering with the normal cell cycle, it increases the anagen phase whereas decreases the telogen phase. In open-angle glaucoma, it brings down the intraocular pressure to a very lower level by increase of the drainage of aqueous humor from the uveal sac of the eyes.

The recommended dose of Careprost eye drops is 0.03%w/v. The different dosing regimen for open-angle glaucoma and hypotrichosis are Method of using Careprost eye drops for open-angle glaucoma: For successfully alleviating open-angle glaucoma you must make sure first that your hands are clean and dry. Now instill a single drop into the pocket of your lower eyelid. Close the eye for 20 seconds. Go over similarly in the other eye as well.

Method of using Careprost eye drops for hypotrichosis: For the alleviation of hypotrichosis drops of these eye drops must be taken on the applicator brush provided with the pack and apply it evenly on the upper eyelid proximate to the lash line. Go over similarly to the other eye as well.

 Undesirable effects that are likely to occur with the use of these eye drops are

  • Burning sensation in the eyes,
  • Stinging and itching in the eyes
  • Excessive secretion from the eyes,
  • Iris pigmentation
  • Feeling of having something gritty in your eyes.

Defensive measures one should take while using this medication are avoiding its use if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredient present in this medication. Do not put any other ophthalmic products concomitantly with this medication. You are advised to remove the contact lenses before using this medication. You must wait for at least 15 minutes before wearing the contact lenses again. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should cautiously use this medication. A person below the age of 18 years should never use this medication.

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