Our systems are made in such a way that we can reproduce and increase our progeny. However, not all are lucky, there are some women who are barren and could not accomplish their dream of motherhood. The reason can be anything may be the ovulation process fails. The default in your ovulation process can happen anytime be after some years of marriage or in younger age.

Motherhood gives us immense pleasure that no other relationship can give. Being a mother is what one needs after some time. You also want to have a child with whom you can play, and remove your loneliness. Your child will be the support of your future. Your family members too want to see the face of their grand children. This dream is easy to think but hard to complete for those who have infertility issue.

Thinking about infertility sometimes kills from deep inside. A woman who has got this problem gets depressed and on seeing any programs related to babies, she gets emotional and tears roll down in her eyes. For moral support, her husband is near her but apart from this, she has to get it treated. There are many infertility medicines available in the market so among them all, you must choose OVIDAC. This medicine will prevent and treat your infertility by maintaining the ovulation process. After your ovulation process get regularized, the chances of becoming pregnant also enhance.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the GENERIC of Ovidac medicine. This medicine helps in the formation of the egg inside an ovary and induces the production of the egg through an ovary while an ovulation. Apart from this, this also helps in escalating the sperm count among males. This is used in young boys in whom testicles have not yet dropped inside the scrotum.

The dose required for ovulation induction is about 5000 to 10000 units by intramuscular route one day after the last of menotropins.

The dose required for treating hypogonadism is about 500 to 1000 units by intramuscular route threefold per week for about three weeks and follow it with the same dose twofold per week for about 3 weeks OR 4000 units by intramuscular route threefold per week for about 6 to 9 months and follow it with 2000 units threefold per week for 3 months.

Before injecting this medicine, make sure to contraindicate in below-mentioned conditions:

  • One must not use in case of an early puberty
  • One must not use in case of hormonal related cancer
  • One must not use if suffering from any allergic reaction
  • One must not use if lactating your child

Always remember to follow some safety measures before injecting this medicine

  • You should never self-inject the medicine if you do not know the right way.
  • Do not inject more than recommended by your physician.
  • Always use sterile needles and dispose of the needles after each usage.

There can be some unwanted aftereffects after its use such as mild swelling, feeling restless, weight gain, depression, breast tenderness, pain and swelling at injection site, and headache.