Sexual exploitation shows the society weakness towards the female care and its humiliating and shameful being a human some creepers lead this mishap to certain individuals that engraves their long term impact... this perpetuating culture think that the women as a baby wending machine or thing for ecstasy.

If female has gone under the mishap of Rape, the consequence would be the unwanted pregnant condition, have you ever thought of the individual those have faced this horrendous acts that has their lives from the inner soul to the physical devastation. But there is no acknowledgement after this...perpetrator affects psychologically and physically both way. After this the unwanted gravidity has to be tackled down, now the patient has to make up the mind for the abortion.

So, now the female must be looking an option for the safe and accurate abortion method without blowing out the mishap occurred to her to avoid the social dishonor. So here is the active core drug Mifepristone Abortion Pills which is an ultimate solution for you.


Mifepristone are also served in the combination pack along abortion pill kits along Misoprostol tablets and served in the brand name of MTP kit or abortion Kit.

The drug "Mifepristone pills" is served in various brand names and pack like RU486, Mifeprex and Korlym. Mifepristone Abortion Pills are also served in the combination pack along abortion pill kits along Misoprostol tablets and served in the brand name of MTP kit or abortion Kit. Mifepristone tablets is potent drug that has almost 96% to 99% accuracy and safe practice of inducing abortion natural way.


The tablet is served in pack of 3 tablets in single pack in various brands like RU486, and Mifeprex. The drug is effective for the 49 day to 9 week of gestation. The drug will induce heavy bleeding unlike menstrual cycle. The drug is anti-progestin hormone that acts against the natural progesterone hormone that plays vital role in female fertility and uterine maturation for pursing pregnancy. 


Progesterone is necessary as this hormone develops endometrium.

The Mifepristone will simply cut down the endometrial lining and detaches the fetus form the womb and expels out the fetus along the heavy bleeding. You can easily approach your Mifepristone pills online at unbeatable price from this online pharmacy site, which maintains the data secret and you can rely on it. Before going for the administration, you should confirm the pregnancy that can be done by diagnosis like Ultrasound or HCG test kit for confirming the pregnancy.


Now, your query must be about how to take the medication, or it's Posology?

The tablets are served in pack of 3 tablets containing 200mg Mifepristone tablet. So now you should have the 3 tablets altogether at once, empty stomach. So you would be having around 600mg of Mifepristone. This would of course induce you bleeding in two days; even if the bleeding is not commenced then you should take 2 tablets of Misoprostol oral after 2 day of administration of Mifepristone tablets. After taking the whole medication you should visit your doctor after 14 days of administration of medication for abortion.


Up till now the medication can be taken but you should not be bearing this infrequent condition. The user should take care while taking Mifepristone tablets:

  • The drug should not be taken along grape fruit and juice.
  • If patient is suffering from bleeding disorder should not use the drug.
  • Patient with IUD implants should not use the medicament.
  • The bleeding will bring fever and body pain, to cop up the situation you may take help of any analgesic but do not use Aspirin tablet as it will induce blood thinning.
  •  Patient with adrenal failure should remain refrained from the use of the medication.

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