Pain is one of those words, by the mere remembrance of which starts a slideshow of experiences that a person of any age cast, creed, color, gender feels the same way as the other does. We experience it multiple times, sometimes it is bearable, sometimes it's not, sometimes it's clinching and debilitating, where you cannot even move. Babies, who don’t understand any other thing, understand it. A fall or a sudden collision with a wall or anything similar can initiate that stinging sensation we call pain. While hitting the Gym with all the fervor, looking for gains, how frustrating and helpless does it feel when a muscle gets stretched and all the motivation goes down the drain and you can not work those legs out anymore. The foot is a vital body part that allows us to, balance, stand, move, run, dance, swim, climb, skate and many other uncountable & different movements that one have probably discovered by self-practice.

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The most annoying aspect of muscle spasm is the uncertainty. With the spasm usually follows intolerable pain, cramping, and aching that will make you drop everything you are doing at that moment… The spontaneous tightening of one or more muscles is known as muscle spasm. Though it can affect any of the skeletal muscles and any part of human body, the most commonly affected areas are the calves, feet, neck, front and back of the thigh, arms, and abdomen. Overuse of the muscle, electrolyte imbalance and dehydration are some common causes of Muscle spasm. A very hectic life style or a very lazy lifestyle can both lead to this situation. There are a plethora of health conditions that also affect muscle spasms such as nerve dysfunction, venous insufficiency, and even pregnancy. However, most skeletal muscle spasm is accidental or have an unknown cause.

Pain-O-Soma is a highly potent drug of proven therapeutic value used widely for the treatment of short-term muscle pain and discomfort. The medication is useful in successfully managing muscular pain arising from various situations. It contains Carisoprodol as its therapeutically active constituent. The drug had been heavily prescribed by physicians for the treatment of muscle tremor, spasm, and stiffness of muscles. This medication has also found use in the treatment of those who are suffering from the old injury and different types of muscle pain.

Pain-O-Soma is a centrally acting muscle relaxant that shows its effects by working on brain rather than on muscles. This medication shows its action by interrupts neuronal communication within the reticular formation and spinal cord, resulting in sedation and alteration in pain perception.

Pain-O-Soma is commercially obtainable in 350 mg and 500mg of Dosing strength. The recommended dose is 350mg take three times a day, in case the desired response is not achieved take 500mg of Pain O Soma. The daily maximum dose of Pain-O-Soma is 1400 mg.  Consult the doctor before deciding the dose. Do not use more than one dose at a time as it can show some unwished effects and when you miss the dose take it as soon as possible.


  • Keep a safe distance from alcohol and other sedative products as these can enhance the side effects related to this therapy.
  • Do not take this drug without consulting the doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding.  
  • After ingesting the medication the patient should not drive or operate any machine until feel better.
  • This is a habit forming medication, therefore; it should not be used on a continuous basis until your doctor says.  

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