A woman's eyes reveal a plethora of emotions that go in her mind. Her sadness, her joys, excitement, rage or jealousy everything is evident from her eyes. Therefore, it is rightly said that eyes are the doorway to a woman's heart and an important aspect of a woman's eyes is her eyelashes. Eyelashes are the prized possession of a woman that adds charm to her beauty but there are some unfortunate women who suffer from the condition of hypotrichosis, in which there is falling of eyelashes. Yes, some would say that 'mascara is always there to their rescue' but let's face it how many of us have the time to apply mascara in the morning when we have to rush to the office. Another option of getting thick eyelashes is by getting eyelash extensions or false eyelashes but that is way too expensive and not 'everyone's cup of tea'. Therefore a simple, economical solution called Careprost eye drops is here, which is a permanent method of growing out your eyelashes naturally.

Careprost eye drops are an efficient solution to treat the troubles of hypotrichosis. These eye drops treat the problem of short, sparse and falling eyelashes. It, in turn, gives the most desirable long, thick and dark eyelashes that look very beautiful. Careprost eye drops also treat the problem of open-angle glaucoma in adults. It reduces the intraocular pressure and thus eases the symptoms of this visual disorder. Careprost eye drops contain Bimatoprost as the main active constituent. In hypotrichosis, Bimatoprost works by elongating the anagen phase and reducing the telogen phase time of the eyelash growth cell cycle, which eventually results in dense, long and darker eyelashes. In open-angle glaucoma, this medication works by reducing the intraocular pressure by increasing the drainage of aqueous humor from the eyes.

Careprost eye drops are obtainable commercially in the dosing strength of 0.03%w/v. to treat hypotrichosis; you must take a single drop of Careprost on an applicator brush and evenly apply on the upper lids closer to the eyelashes. Replicate the same process in the other eye as well.  For successfully alleviating the condition of open-angle glaucoma put a single eye drop on in the affected eye by pulling the lower eyelid with clean hands. Now close your eyes for 15 seconds and repeat the procedure in the other eye as well. Do not allow the close contact of Careprost eye drops with mouth or other parts.

Noxious effects commonly seen with the use of Careprost eye drops are itching and redness of the eyes, stinging and burning sensation in the eyes, excessive watering of the eyes and feeling of having something in your eyes.

Preventive measures that are taken with the use of Careprost eye drops are not using it in case you are allergic to any of the component of this medicament. You are advised not to drive or perform visually challenging tasks while using this medication. Remove the contact lenses you are wearing before using Careprost eye drops and wait for at least 15-20 minutes before reinserting the lenses after the use of this medication. Do not use any other ophthalmic product concomitantly with this medication. This medication is not meant to be used by children or people below 18 years of age.

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