The joy of family planning and wonderful emotions can make you fall beaming sometimes. But you may get discouraged easily after your pregnancy test is seen as negative. Being positive in such circumstances and being in good spirits are the best steps for the healthy journey. Seeing your negative pregnancy reports does not mean that it is the end of your dreams of having a baby. There are many steps to prevent infertility and one should choose among those. One of those steps is to begin using Pregnyl for ovulation induction. There will be regulation of an ovulation cycle and the chances of becoming pregnant also increase. Many couples have found positivity after using this medication.

Once your ovulation cycle is maintained then nothing can stop you from becoming a mother. Experience the bliss of motherhood with this. You can soon fulfill your dream of holding the hands of your son or daughter. Have many children you desire. It is well known saying that longer you wait for something, you will appreciate the thing when you do get it. Instead of losing hope, keep hope and confidence.

Pregnyl has a generic name as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone. This helps in the improvement of the ovulation cycle. Those women having problems in getting pregnant due to lack of an ovulation step should use this injection to correct the hormonal balance and increase the chances of conception. This helps in the maturation of an egg inside an ovary and stimulates the production of an egg while an ovulation step. This also functions in elevating sperm count among males. This is also used among young boys in whom testicles have not yet dropped down in the scrotum.

Ovulation Induction Dosage: Inject 5000 to 10,000 units through I.M route, one day followed by the last day of menotropins.

Hypogonadism treatment Dose: Inject 500-1000 units through I.M route thrice per week for about 3 weeks duration and follow it with the same level of dose two times within a week of about 3 weeks duration.

Prior to injection of this medicine, one should never inject it into cases like:

  • Severe form of allergies
  • Under hormone-related cancer like prostate cancer
  • Under early puberty
  • While breastfeeding

Brief your doctor when you observe signs such as ovarian cysts, adrenal gland disorder, premature puberty, epilepsy, migraines, asthma, uterine bleeding, and heart disorder.

Safety Points:

  • When you are aware of self-injection then only do that.
  • Break your needles after each usage.
  • Use sterile needles always.
  • Do not inject larger or longer than recommended.

Some common forms of harmful issues observed with this medicine are as restlessness, irritability, headache, water weight gain, mild swelling, depression, breast tenderness, pain/irritation/swelling at injection site.

Store: This injectable should not be the freeze. Keep it at cool temperature away from sunlight, and moisture. 

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