Erectile Dysfunction is a condition that is deteriorating the lives of many lives. There are many males who don’t go to a doctor even after this condition affects them as there is the maleness issue which they don’t want to confront. Erectile Dysfunction is a medical issue, it happens to any male and there are many diseases, lifestyle factors, medications and other factors due to which you can be affected by ED.  To make things easier and more comprehensible lets first understand how erection happens. There are two mechanisms through which erection happens; one is through reflex action which happens when you touch your penile organ. The other way through which an erection happens is through psychogenic erection, here there is a need for a stimulus that accentuates the arousal factor or sensual stimuli. For an reflex erection to happen one needs the peripheral nerves and the lower region of the spinal cord to work in harmony whereas for the Psychogenic erection to happen your limbic system will have to play the part though in either of the mechanisms the role of an intact neuronal system cannot be sidelined as it is an imperative. Also, for an erection to happen your blood circulation is needed to increase as when that happens the penile shaft of the male gets filled with blood and he gets erect.

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To treat Erectile Dysfunction there are numerous alternatives accessible for a male, for example, penile injections, medical procedure, surgical procedure and so on still, the most used options for the effective management of this condition is the use of an oral prescription. These medications are utilized as the mainstream treatment for the administration of ED. There are different brands that encase the medications of this class and are intensely utilized by guys to recover their erection and perform better on the bed. Brands like Cenforce, have made it to the top and are being used by most of the males suffering from erectile dysfunction due to the powerful response. Cenforce contains Sildenafil Citrate as its active remedial agent.

Sildenafil Citrate is PDE 5 inhibitors class medicine. As the name signifies, this medication offers remedial impacts by hindering the activity of a catalyst called PDE5. This enzyme affects erection negatively as it deteriorates a compound called cGMP which is required for erection as it improves the blood moving through the male genital by relaxing and enlarging penile veins. The cGMP levels are additionally improved when the male body gets sensually energized and discharges nitric oxide which adds up to concentration by accelerating the production of cGMP. 

Cenforce is available in 50, 100, 150 and 200mg of dosing strength and is taken once every day, orally, around one hour before including yourself in lovemaking. This drug is meant to be taken orally as it is an oral preparation and it should only be taken when needed which means you should not take it on a daily basis if you don’t get in to love making every day.

Some unfavorable impacts of this drug which can get troublesome mare migraine, muscle throbs, back pain,  acid reflux, nasal blocking, spewing, dazedness and excruciating erection.


  • Do not take any PDE 5 inhibitor associatively with Nitrate prescriptions as that can cause sudden and serious Hypotension which is a risky condition.
  • These drugs are contraindicated in ladies and young men underneath 18 years old.

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