You might have dreamed a lot for your sensual intimacy sessions. You have made plans for having physical intimacy at some holiday destination. You have spent a lot for your first night with your partner. You are healthy and physically stout but you are little bit nervous from inside. You have once felt the sensations of your loved one with your kiss and you are assuming how much fun it would be when you would make full physical connection with your loved one. After reaching to your destination, when party and dinner was done, you both went for your private time. With sensual stimulation, your erection was not coming up. Maybe it was a form of anxiety. You tried hard but no erection. On the opposite of it, your partner was desperately waiting for your final show. The night was getting long and long. Before any bad idea could touch her mind, your mind stroke with an idea to buy Cenforce 100mg online. You had heard earlier about this pill but never tried. This was the time to see the power of a pill. After ordering and taking it, you again began with beautiful intimacy show. Erection came up in 30 minutes of use of pill and that night was unforgettable one. This pill really helped him in achieving an erection on time without any delay. 

Cenforce: Sildenafil medication works in keeping your erection fuller and harder for longer hours. Sildenafil is the generic form of this medicine and helps in inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme PDE5 results in degenerating cGMP in the penile region. This degeneration will result in the lesser count and so poorer erection. To up rise the count, use this medicine. This Sildenafil containing brand will help in the prevention of PDE5 breaking and results in higher number of cGMP. You will finally observe vasodilation process and so quick blood circulation through the blood vessels. This finally brings forth a speedy erection on time.

Use cenforce 100mg if you do not want to face erection failure during intimacy.

This drug is available in strengths as 100 mg, and 150 mg. You are recommended to consume one pill before one hour of planned physical intimacy act. The action onsets in about 30 minutes and the action lengthen for about four to five hours timings. The route of administration is kept as oral with water.

Some contradictory factors that are needed to be followed:

  • Not use this drug when you come across an allergic reaction to this medicine.
  • Not use this drug when your age group comes below 18 years.
  • Not use this drug when you are using Nitrate forms.

Safety precautionary measures to be followed while using this medicine:

  • Keep the quantity of alcohol and grapefruit juice negligible as this might result in sick effects.
  • Restrict your fatty meals as this can result in lesser activity.
  • People highly having a cardiac problem should use only after doctor suggestion only.
  • A heavy feeling of dizziness comes so be away from work that needs vigil.
  • When your erection becomes quite painful so tell your doctor about this problem.
  • The second dose can be used only after 24 hours of the first dosage.

Some common aftermaths that are supposed to arise with this drug are as flushing, nausea, palpitation, muscle pain, back pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, drowsiness, and vision disturbances.

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