The end to her first conception

This was weird for her when she was gestated with her first pregnancy and people would ask Is this your first gestation? She hated to answer this question.

What if she would tell the truth that this is her second one, the first one is in heaven as she had an abortion at that time. It has been now past five years when she had an abortion with MTP Kit.

When she told about her first pregnancy to her granny and parents, they were happy. Instead of celebrating this moment with her near one’s she became sad as if this was a huge responsibility for her to take.

We know bearing pregnancy is a hard task and requires huge effort too not until you give birth but later also. This planning should be done effectively and wisely. Pregnancy without planning and unwillingness is disappointing. Therefore, women find other options to expel such pregnancy. The best chose among those is MTP Kit.

Remember that this is only to be used for gestation less than 9 weeks. She would not think of killing her fetus but the situation at that time was harsh. She was still in her college and was working sideways too so she decided with her partner to abort.

The abortion was successful with those pills. This method was safe and painless. She went to the hospital where she was given SINGLE PILL MIFEPRISTONE with each-200 mg dosage strength. This was taken orally with water.


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The gap of two days was maintained and then on the third day, she took FOUR PILLS MISOPROSTOL with each-200 mcg dosage strength. This was taken orally with water or vaginally.

Again gap of 14 days was maintained so on day 14th; she verified her abortion with ultrasound testing. She was relieved that her abortion was complete. This time she decided that this would be first and her last abortion and from now onwards she would keep using protective until she will plan her willingness of her pregnancy.

Mifepristone works as a barrier in supplying the nutrition towards the fetus and devoid fetus of its growth and development. Thus the first step in abortion process took place. Misoprostol also results in the dilation and contraction of uterus thus causing the expulsion of a fetus resulting in final termination.

Never do take this step:

  • When your pregnancy is ectopic
  • When your pregnancy is less than 18 years
  • When you are using corticosteroids or anti-coagulants
  • When you have bleeding disorder or porphyria

Safety Points:

  • Do remove out IUD’s as this interferes with your abortion step.
  • Do use healthy diet and juices to cope up with the losses incurred.
  • Do not work immediately after your abortion step as you are prone to dizziness.
  • In case your bleeding persists then talk to your doctor about it.

Be careful regarding your after ailments such as heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, belly pain, stomach cramps, weakness, and vomiting.

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