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Avana 100mg

Avana 100mg Tablets | Avanafil

Generic Avanafil

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Avana 100mg is a brand drug of having active constituent known as Avanafil that belongs to the class of PDE 5 inhibitors. The drug is very effective and exert faster onset of action, against the treatment of problem that involves men's inability to perform sexual intercourse with their partners. The problem is commonly known as erectile dysfunction.

How it works?

Active ingredient of Avagra acts by inhibition of a degrading isoenzyme known as PDE 5. This result in sufficient blood available in the region of male sexual organ, that leads to maintain erection with sufficient rigidity.

What are the dose and directions of Avana 100mg?

100mg of Avana should be taken orally with sufficient amount of water, half an hour prior to sexual intercourse. Do not take more than one dose of this drug in 24 hours.

Taking it with or without food does not interfere with its activity but on the other hand patient should not take it along heavy and fat reach diet.

Overdose of this drug should not be entertained at any cost, as it may cause undesired effect on the body.

Who should not take this medication?

Individual who allergic to this drug or its ingredient and having known or history of cardiovascular disorder should not take this drug.

What are the drugs that may possibly interact with Avana 100mg?

Some drug could interact with the activity of this drug, such as category of drugs that comes under cardiovascular disease and contain any forms of Nitrates or its derivatives. Other drugs that could possibly get in the way of Avanafil include some antibiotics, antifungal and few antiviral medications.

How to store this medication?

Put the drug at room temperature and away from intense heat, light or moisture.

What side effects a patient may come across while taking Avana 100mg?

Side effects of Avanafil tablet includes nervousness, headache, and dizziness, blurred vision, hypotension, and prong erection.

What are the special precautions taken along with Avana 100mg?

Some safety tips should consider while taking this drug such as; keep aside the consumption of alcohol, cigarette and grapefruits or its juice. Do not take medications that keep any types of Nitrates its component like its oxide. It is not intended to women or children. Keep away yourself from driving, or work of greater mental need, when you taking it.

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